Why should you be a seller on wupti?

For more than 10 years wupti has been the leading online only webshop in Denmark. Today we continue to set the benchmark for digital user experiences and customer satisfaction.

Leading player in
the Danish market

An average basket
size of nearly 200 €

A conversion rate
higher than 3,5%

Known by 90 % of
the Danish shoppers

Control prices and
performance easily

Four simple steps and
you are ready to sell

Benefits of joining?

wupti  will be a great place for you to showcase and sell your products. With wupti you’ll get the traffic and customers you need just by joining us.


"Wupti is growing and it is of great value to us. We never find ourselves reduced to a number. Although Wupti has many sellers, we get ongoing support, so both we and wupti develops in our best possible way" 
Thom Jansen, Business Development Manager, HKC Europe

“Our business grows rapidly and exist because of our close collaboration with wupti marketplace – we like that it is a Danish owned marketplace and together we stay stronger”
Jesper Trude Larsen, CEO JTP Group A/S

"Wupti team are fantastic to work with,
understanding and supportive"

Nick Elliott, Dvdgaming direct

"We are seeing a huge potential for improving sales for both wupti.com and Datamarked, and therefore, we have made an effort to get all things up and running. We see this as a good investment for a long-term collaboration. We are happy about our current collaboration with Wupti marketplace, it is working effectively and gives our concept great awareness"
Claus Sørensen, Key Account Manager, Datamarked ApS


Meet our customers

What do our customers think? See some of our Trustpilot reviews here.

How it works

In a few easy steps you will be ready to sell on wupti!


You have the sale and you are legally responsible

Before your shop can be created on wupti you will have to agree with our Terms & Conditions. Among other thing, that means that you as the seller is responsible for ensuring that all of your products are in accordance with- and live up to Danish law and quality standards and keep yourself up to date on changes within these.

More information

Conditions of purchases: Consumers
Conditions of purchases: Businesses and public authorities

List of prohibition - A list of prohibited brands and categories

 Team wupti marketplace

Contact one of our dedicated employees in the marketplace team. They are ready to help you. 

Thomas Troelstrup  
Head of Marketplace
Lead the marketplace team 
+ 45 20 40 60 70

Claus Møller-Mikkelsen   
Account Manager
​+ 45  26 19 97 10

Anette Nohns Øgendahl 
Sales supporter
Assist and train sellers
+ 45 87 78 40 98

Malene Friis Lind  
Sales supporter
Assist and train sellers
+ 45 87 78 40 98


Jacob Carlsson Nielsen  
Project Coordinator
+ 45  25 34 59 39 

Amer Rekovic  
Business Developer
Contact and onboard new sellers 
​+ 45  29 17 46 08


If you are a German webshop you are welcome to contact our partner for advice: Händlerbund.

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Händlerbund stands for 360° E-commerce - a network of diverse services that constantly grows and develops. Currently, Händlerbund secures 80,000 online presences all over Europe and empowers their professionalization - for successful online sales. By using the discount code Wupti#HB members of Wupti receive 25% discount on the Händlerbund Unlimited membership in the first year.