Nature PLA Filament Cartridge

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  • Farve: Natur

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  • Nature PLA Filament Cartridge
  • Nature PLA Filament Cartridge
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3D XYZ PLA Nature Filament Cartridge

PLA filaments are extracted from biodegradable materials. In addition to being environmentally friendly, PLA filaments also print in low tempratures which greatly reduce the warpage. The translucent texture and finishing will also add a unique look to your finished work.
PLA filaments are made with polymerized lactic acid, which is extracted from corn, sugarcane or other sugar-containing crops, and is regarded as the most environmentally friendly 3D printing material. Unwanted PLA printed objects can be simply discarded in the soil where it will naturally decompose.

Type Filament PLA
Farve Natur lys
Type PLA filament