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Dangstons, The Scandinavian Superstore.

If a product has been received and discovered to be defective you as a consumer have the right to have the product repaired or replaced. Also most electronic goods have a minimum of 1 year warranty.
In first hand, contact the manufacturer of the item to report the defective as in most cases they will arrange for repair or replacement.
In some cases the manufacturer will divert to reseller for action and in those cases you can email us at [email protected] and we shall assist you in that matter.

Return policy

As a buyer you have the right to regret your purchase and return the product to receive a refund.
The timeperiod for that allowance is 14 days since day of receival.
For regret purchases the buyer is responsible for return freight cost and the product delivery. For expensive items we always recommend to send with tracked service.

These items are excempt from 14 days regret aceptance:

1. Food items
2. Digital goods such as memory cards, licenses, software etc.
3. Hygien items that have contact with the body such as toothbrushes, in-ear headphones, makeup etc.

See below adress for returns:

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